Melanie Verlinden : Postdoctoral Researcher

Melanie Verlinden

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Verlinden Melanie was appointed as technical assistant for a short period of time to support the measurement campaign in French Guyana.

Prof. Dr. Josep Peñuelas (CREAF-CSIC) :

Prof. Dr. Josep Peñuelas (CREAF-CSIC)

Global Ecology.

Prof. Dr. Michael Obersteiner (IIASA) :

Prof. Dr. Michael Obersteiner (IIASA)

Michael will provide improved understanding and quantitative foresight needed to formulate a range of policy options aiming to manage risks associated with the stoichiometric imbalances. His team at IIASA will generate this knowledge through theory building, economic and integrated assessment modelling which will be integrated with the Earth system models.  Michael will also support and link to international processes to establish science-based P-diplomacy.

Prof. Dr. Ivan Janssens (Antwerp University) :

Prof. Dr. Ivan Janssens (Antwerp University)


Prof. Dr. Philippe Ciais (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Prof. Dr. Philippe Ciais (LSCE-UVSQ)

Earth systems models.

Dr. Jordi Sardans (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Jordi Sardans (CREAF-CSIC)

Study the impacts of N loadings on soil-plant-atmosphere system shifts and their relationships with P concentration N:P ratio and general elemental composition and stoichiometric shifts. Study the impacts of nutrient imbalances in human ecology and nutrition.

Dr. Andreas Richter : Collaborator

Dr. Andreas Richter


Prof. Francesca Cotrufo : Collaborator

Prof. Francesca Cotrufo


Joke Van den Berge : Research Manager

Joke Van den Berge

Research Manager

I coordinate and support the field studies and researchers in French-Guyana.

Bruno Hérault : Collaborator

Bruno Hérault


Scientific Director of the Paracou long-term experimental station, one the P-Imbalance focal site

Dr. Philippe Hinsinger (INRA-UMR Eco&Sols Montpellier) : Collaborator

Dr. Philippe Hinsinger (INRA-UMR Eco&Sols Montpellier)


Specialist of soil P biogeochemistry and plant nutrition, and of the fate of P availability in the rhizospher

Dr. Balzarolo Manuela : Research fellow

Dr. Balzarolo Manuela

Research fellow

Expert in remote sensing, ecological modelling, ecosystem carbon and water dymanics

Dr. Sebastian Wieneke : Postdoc researcher

Dr. Sebastian Wieneke

Postdoc researcher

In my studies I focus on developing new methods to assess the photosynthetic energy balance by using remotely sensed sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence and gas-exchange measurements.

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle : Research Scholar

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle

Research Scholar

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle joined IIASA as a research scholar with the Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM) in November 2014. With ESM, she is working on a global model simulating agricultural production costs. In context with the imbalance P project Sophie will assess economics of C,N,P cycle and their effects to agricultural production, prices for agricultural products and changes in most economic management systems. Further to that Sophie will analyze the economics of C,N,P cycle and their effects on Fertilizer Industry (e.g. economic feasibility studies for new technologies to recover phosphor from sewage, manure etc).

Further information:^bundle%24:11:895:not^:nov^#cell_bundle

Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Pietsch : Research Scholar

Prof. Dr. Stephan A. Pietsch

Research Scholar

Stephan will assess changes in resilience status of tropical ecosystems in response to management impacts, nutrient limitation and climate change. In particular, he will assess traditional land use forms like shifting cultivation, forest exploitation as well as savannah burning and grazing using a mechanistic modelling approach.

Dr. Ligia B. Azevedo (IIASA) :

Dr. Ligia B. Azevedo (IIASA)

I will further develop the EPIC model by including biogeochemical mechanisms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon of animal waste. I will also improve the representation of the phosphorus cycle in EPIC and employ the model to estimate yields under various scenarios of limited agricultural amendments.

Dr. Iolanda Filella (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Iolanda Filella (CREAF-CSIC)

Development of remote sensing techniques to assess plant and ecosystem functioning, global and climate change effects on the structure and functioning of Mediterranean ecosystems, mechanisms and functions of plant-emitted volatile organic compounds.

Dr. Jofre Carnicer (University of Barcelona – UB and CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Jofre Carnicer (University of Barcelona – UB and CREAF-CSIC)

Plant-herbivore  interactions, arthropod biodiversity responses, wood growth and dendroecology.

Dr. Marc Peaucelle (CREAF-CSIC) : Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Marc Peaucelle (CREAF-CSIC)

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am an environmental scientist currently working on the representation of plants in global terrestrial biosphere models.

I'm particularly interested in the interactions between the vegetation and their environment, but also their ability to face environmental changes.

Dr. Romà Ogaya (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Romà Ogaya (CREAF-CSIC)

Global change effects in plant ecophysiology. Climate change and nitrification effects in plant photosynthetic activity, chlorophyll fluorescence, water relations, and ecosystem productivity.

Dr. Dolores Asensio (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Dolores Asensio (CREAF-CSIC)

Soil enzyme activity, microbial biomass, microbial stoichiometry, soil VOCs.

Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez : Postdoc researcher

Dr. Marcos Fernández-Martínez

Postdoc researcher

Junior coordinator of the IMBALANCE-P

My main contribution to the IMBALANCE-P project is to gather, ensemble and analyse different ecological databases with the aim of studying the effect of nutrient availability, biodiversity and climate on forest features, productivity and carbon balance from a macroecological perspective.

Lucia Fuchslueger : Postdoc researcher

Lucia Fuchslueger

Postdoc researcher

I will study microbe mediated soil nutrient cycling in tropical and arctic ecosystems.

Dr. Xavier Domene (CREAF) : Research Scholar

Dr. Xavier Domene (CREAF)

Research Scholar

Soil science, soil biology, ecotoxicology, soil quality indicators, soil ecosystem services and biochar.

Dr. Yves Balkanski (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Yves Balkanski (LSCE-UVSQ)

Coupling of biogeochemical cycles in Earth System Models, Effect of aerosols on climate.

Dr. Adrià Barbeta (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Adrià Barbeta (CREAF-CSIC)

I am focused on the development of tree-ring chronologies within gradients of nutrient availability in French Guiana and in fertilization experiments, using classical dendrochronological approaches plus tree-ring isotopes techniques.

I am also interested in the effects of experimental fertilization and nutrient availability on the linkage between belowground water movement mediated by roots (hydraulic lift and downward siphoning) and root nutrient uptake. More generally, I would like to explore the effect of nitrogen addition and/or phosporus limitation on plant water relations of tropical, mediterranean and temperate forests.

Irene Ramírez Rojas : PhD Student

Irene Ramírez Rojas

PhD Student

Soil microbial community composition

Dr. Marc Estiarte (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Marc Estiarte (CREAF-CSIC)

Climate change effects on ecosystem productivity, plant phenology and soil gas exchange. Climate change experiments on natural ecosystems.

Dr. Alejandro Castellanos Villegas : Research professor at Universidad de Sonora

Dr. Alejandro Castellanos Villegas

Research professor at Universidad de Sonora

Plant ecophysiology and functioning of arid ecosystems

Current projects:

  • Changes in plant cover and impacts of livestock farming. Research on ecological and socio-economic interactions.
  • Stoichiometric ecology and remote perception of the analysis of spatial distribution and invasibility of Cenchrus ciliaris in North Eastern Mexico.
Dr. Francesc Sabater i Comas : Professor

Dr. Francesc Sabater i Comas


Linking aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, nutrient cycling in freswhater and riparian forest ecosystems.

Dr. Yongshuo Fu : Former collaborator

Dr. Yongshuo Fu

Former collaborator

Dr. Laynara Figueiredo Lugli : Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Laynara Figueiredo Lugli

Postdoctoral researcher

Post doc working working on root identification and characterization in response to fertilizer treatments. Responsible for the root sampling during the wet and dry season measuring campaigns of 2019 in French Guiana.

Sílvia Poblador : Postdoctoral researcher

Sílvia Poblador

Postdoctoral researcher

Greenhouse gas emissions, soil nitrogen cycle and soil microbial communities responses to different agricultural management practices 

Dr. Rossella Guerrieri : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Rossella Guerrieri

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

My research activities have aimed to gain a deep understanding of the coupled C-N-H2O cycling in forests, by linking different scales of investigations, i.e., from the tree to the ecosystem, and methodological approaches (e.g., stable C and O isotopes in leaves and tree rings, eddy covariance data). During my Marie Curie fellowship at the CREAF I will focus on tree canopies and their role in altering the chemical composition of precipitation and, consequently, the nutrient cycling within forests. I will explore the biological diversity hidden in the canopies, particularly bacteria, and its role in processing the atmospheric N.

Dr. Mireia Bartrons (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Mireia Bartrons (CREAF-CSIC)

Food web and ecosystem ecology. I'm interested on the effects of P shortages and N to P stoichiometric imbalance at organism and community level through the use of metabolic state markers, stable isotopes and organic pollutants. We will focus on soil-plant-arthropod communities across environmental gradients of nutrients, water and temperature in Guiana, Catalonia and Iceland.

Dr. Olivier Boucher (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Olivier Boucher (LSCE-UVSQ)

Research interests: Climate change, regional to global air pollution, aerosol-radiation-cloud interactions, data assimilation of satellite observations in atmospheric models for monitoring the atmospheric composition of the atmosphere, atmosphere-biosphere couplings and biogeochemical feedbacks in the Earth System, impact of irrigation on climate, impact of aviation on climate, climate mitigation policies, climate metrics, and integrated assessment modelling, geoengineering, climate-energy nexus.

Dr. Benjamin Stocker : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Benjamin Stocker

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

I am a climate and environmental scientist with a special interest in interactions between climate change and terrestrial ecology and biogeochemistry. My work is dedicated to providing data-informed predictions of how land ecosystems respond to a changing climate, increasing CO2 and changes in nutrient cycles. I'm developing numerical models, as simple as possible and as complex as necessary to learn the most.

Dr. Manuela Balzarolo : Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

Dr. Manuela Balzarolo

Postdoctoral Marie Curie fellow

My main research topic is the application of proximal and remote sensing techniques to explore the terrestrial ecosystem biochemical responses to climate change and drought. I’m currently working on modelling ecosystem phenology, productivity, carbon and water fluxes and by using satellite observations from different sensors.

Project name: INDRO - Remote sensing INdicators for DROught monitoring

Dr. Marta Camino (CREAF-CSIC) : Postdoc researcher

Dr. Marta Camino (CREAF-CSIC)

Postdoc researcher

My work focuses on improving the representation of soil C dynamics in the soil module of the land surface model ORCHIDEE. More specifically, I am implementing and validating a new representation of the leaching of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from soil into rivers and of  13C in soil.

Former collaborator at the University of Antwerp

Dr. Matteo Campioli (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Matteo Campioli (Antwerp University)

Plant growth, net primary production and ecosystem C allocation.

Rosa Casanovas (CREAF-CSIC) :

Rosa Casanovas (CREAF-CSIC)

Technical administrative assistant

Dr. Elodie Courtois (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Elodie Courtois (Antwerp University)

Chemical ecology.

Dr. Ander Achotegui (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Ander Achotegui (CREAF-CSIC)

In Imbalance-P, my research will focus on floral volatile emissions, studying how dependent they are on nutrient availability. I will also investigate if these possible changes have effects on pollinator attraction and pollination success.

Dr. Gerard Farré (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Gerard Farré (CREAF-CSIC)

Gerard Farré Armengol is biologist for the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is doing his PhD thesis at the Global Ecology Unit CREAF-CEAB-CSIC studying the biotic and abiotic factors that affect the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by flowers, as well as the effects of changes in floral emissions on the plant-pollinator interaction.

Dr. Joan Llusià (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Joan Llusià (CREAF-CSIC)


Dr. Christian Folberth (IIASA) :

Dr. Christian Folberth (IIASA)

I contribute to the development and applications of the EPIC model to better represent P flows in agriculture and specifically grasslands. Another focus of my work is on assessing flows and stoichiometry of N and P in agricultural trade and production globally.

Dr. Oskar Franklin (IIASA) :

Dr. Oskar Franklin (IIASA)

I will synthesize and integrate empirical results for development of new theory and predictive models. In particular, I will focus on the role of plant-soil microbial interactions for phosphorus and nitrogen uptake and growth of plants and forests.

Dr. Albert Gargallo (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Albert Gargallo (CREAF-CSIC)

Metabolome of phosphorus in soil and plant by 31P NMR.

Dr. Daniel Goll (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Daniel Goll (LSCE-UVSQ)

Development and application of the dynamic global vegetation model ORCHIDEE. The model simulates cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus across multiple spatial and temporal scales. The aim is to advance the understanding of the biogeochemical cycles and their interactions with the climate system.

Dr. Oriol Grau (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Oriol Grau (CREAF-CSIC)

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Global Ecology Unit (CREAF-CSIC-UAB, Catalonia). My research combines several disciplines in Ecology: plant biology, fungal biology, community structure, functional ecology, ecosystem dynamics, plant-soil interactions and diversity patterns. I have been doing research on contrasting ecosystems across the world: in alpine (Pyrenees, Himalaya), subarctic (Scandes), arctic (Greenland), tropical (French Guiana), and in mediterranean regions (Catalonia). I have conducted observational and experimental studies in most of these regions to analyse the effects of environmental variability on ecosystem functioning.

For more information you can e-mail me ( or check the website:

Dr. Olga Margalef (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Olga Margalef (CREAF-CSIC)

Geochemical aspects of phosphorus cycle.

Dr. Bertrand Guenet (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Bertrand Guenet (LSCE-UVSQ)

During the P-Imbalance project I will improve the soil scheme of the land surface model ORCHIDEE to better represent the P cycle in the soil. First, I 'll be in charge of the merge between the different versions which need to be associated for the project. Then I will co supervise the post doc and the Ph. D student who will devellop the weathering and the explicit representation of soil microorganisms. Finally, I will participate to the evaluation of the new version of ORCHIDEE including nitrogen and phosphorous cycle.

Dr. Matthieu Guimberteau (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Matthieu Guimberteau (LSCE-UVSQ)

Water and carbon cycles modeling with ORCHIDEE and systematic validations for different versions of the model.

Dr. Didier Hauglustaine (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Didier Hauglustaine (LSCE-UVSQ)

Atm N cycle with LMDZ INCA model

Emilie Joetzjer (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Emilie Joetzjer (LSCE-UVSQ)

My research focuses on understanding the carbon and water cycle in tropicalforest. During my post doctoral fellowship at Montana State University, I will work with B Poulter to better account for tropical forest "diversity" in the ORCHIDEE/DOFOCO (ORCHIDEE-CAN) Dynamic global vegetation model through the incorporation of plant functional types based on different traits, related to drought tolerance or resistance, phosphorus and nitrogen economy. Strong collaborations with the Imbalance-P field experiments and model developments are planned.

Adrià Descals (CREAF-CSIC) : Technician

Adrià Descals (CREAF-CSIC)


Algorithm development for the estimation of biophysical variables (LAI, FAPAR, and FCOVER) from Sentinel-3 observations, using existing satellite products and synthetic data sets as training data for machine learning models.

Project: C-GLOPS1 project

Pere Roc Fernández Garberí : Technician

Pere Roc Fernández Garberí


Chemical technician.

Carlos López (CREAF-CSIC) :

Carlos López (CREAF-CSIC)

Remote Sensing & GIS technician.

Dr. Angela Ribas Artola : Associate professor UAB

Dr. Angela Ribas Artola

Associate professor UAB

Atmospheric ecology

Dr. Nikolay Khabarov (IIASA) :

Dr. Nikolay Khabarov (IIASA)

I will analyze the international trade statistics in fertilizer market with a specific focus on phosphorous containing fertilizers and raw materials. The primary goal will be the exploration of exporter/importer relationship among the largest market players. Here a particular emphasis will be put on the analysis of price peaks and respective change in traded quantities. The possibility to build and calibrate an international fertilizer market model will be explored at different temporal resolutions.

Niki Leblans (Antwerp University) :

Niki Leblans (Antwerp University)

PhD student working in Iceland. My research focuses on warming impact on grassland ecosystem functioning, plant phenology response to warming and stoichiometry changes in plants along temperature gradients.

Daijun Liu (CREAF-CSIC) :

Daijun Liu (CREAF-CSIC)

I focus on global change effects on forest ecosystem structure and function, especially on ecophysiological and demographical changes. I will study climate change and nutrient availability on forest growth, tree mortality and species recruitment, richness and vegetation productivity.

Dr. Lei Liu (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Lei Liu (CREAF-CSIC)

I’m interested in soil microbial mediation of ecosystem response to global changes in land use, nitrogen deposition, carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling, with a particular focus on tropical forests. Besides, my work also included soil functional microorganisms such as mycorrhizal fungi which involved in P cycle response to global climate change.

Dr. Fabienne Maignan (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Fabienne Maignan (LSCE-UVSQ)

LSCE technical manager for the ORCHIDEE model (code management, versioning, validation, evaluation at global scale), in collaboration with M. Gimberteau.

Nicolas Najdovski (LSCE & Montana State University) :

Nicolas Najdovski (LSCE & Montana State University)

My research focus on modeling the tropical forest carbon stocks and stand structure and how human activities impact them using ORCHIDEE-CAN.

Christian Ranits : Master student

Christian Ranits

Master student

Worked on root and soil sampling during the wet season campaign of 2019 in French Guiana. Analysed soil samples for microbial biomass and nutrient turnover rates.

Dr. Brooke Mayer : Visiting scientist

Dr. Brooke Mayer

Visiting scientist

The Mayer Lab Group focuses on the design and assessment of more sustainable water and wastewater treatment technologies that are able to simultaneously mitigate the risks posed by microbial and chemical contaminants.

Dr. Guille Peguero (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Guille Peguero (CREAF-CSIC)

Within IMBALANCE-P I’m going to study the bottom-up effects of nutrient imbalances at local and regional scales on the composition and phylogenetic structure of soil mesofaunal communities.

I’d like to take advantage of recently developed metabarcoding techniques to uncover cryptic diversity and to infer potential mechanisms of community assemblage in poorly known taxonomic groups such as springtails and mites.

Dr. Shushi Peng (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Shushi Peng (LSCE-UVSQ)

Generally, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and phosphorus cycle are full coupled in nature, apart from other biogeochemical cycles. However, these biogeochemical cycles have not been coupled in our land surface model yet. I am interested in modeling phosphorus cycle in land surface model (ORCHIDEE), and testing hypotheses about feedbacks of these coupled biogeochemical cycles on climate.

Dr. Albert Rivas (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Albert Rivas (CREAF-CSIC)

My expertise is in the field of Ecometabolomics to understand how metabolomes of organisms shift under environmental changes. In IMBALANCE-P I will apply ecometabolomics techniques to systems such as atmosphere (atmo-ecometabolomics) and soils (community ecometabolomics).

Dr. Catherine Preece (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Catherine Preece (CREAF-CSIC)

My project will investigate the mechanisms determining interactions between plants, soil micro-organisms, soil fertility and climate in Mediterranean ecosystems. I will determine how increased drought affects these interactions with a particular focus on root exudates, which provide a link between plants and the soil community. This will ultimately increase our understanding about the importance of soil communities for ecosystem stability.

Dr. Laura Rico (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Laura Rico (CREAF-CSIC)

Research experience in Plant Molecular Biology applied to Molecular Ecology, Plant Genetics, Plant Biology and Genetic resources.

Dr. Rastislav Skalsky (IIASA) :

Dr. Rastislav Skalsky (IIASA)

Rastislav Skalsky will focus on setting up data infrastructures and running EPIC model to find more on the uncertainties coming up in hand with using the global and regional scale spatial data on soil, topography and land use in large-scale P cycling estimates in agricultural sector.

Dr. Jennifer Soong (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Jennifer Soong (Antwerp University)

Soil organic matter formation and decomposition, plant-soil-atmosphere carbon transfer, and soil C-N-P relationships.

Dr. Clément Stahl (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Clément Stahl (Antwerp University)

Responsible for the ecosystem and ecosystem ghg flux measurements at the sites.

Leandro Van Langenhove  (Antwerp University) :

Leandro Van Langenhove (Antwerp University)

N2 fixation in Guiana.

Dr. Sara Vicca (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Sara Vicca (Antwerp University)

Carbon allocation research in French Guyana.

Lore Verryckt (Antwerp University) :

Lore Verryckt (Antwerp University)

I will measure leaf level gas exchange and simulate plot level photosynthesis to study aboveground respiration and tree carbon allocation.

Dr. Erik Verbruggen (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Erik Verbruggen (Antwerp University)

Mycorrhizal diversity and functioning.

Dr. Constanti Stefanescu (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Constanti Stefanescu (CREAF-CSIC)

Plant-herbivore interactions, arthropod biodiversity responses.

Ifigenia Urbina (CREAF-CSIC) :

Ifigenia Urbina (CREAF-CSIC)

Abiotic and biotic factors determinants of elemental stoichiometry in terrestrials ecosystems.

Paolo Zuccarini :

Paolo Zuccarini

My profile is that of an agronomist/environmentalist specialized in plant ecophysiological responses to abiotic stresses in the frame of Climate Change, and in nutrient cycling in agricultural and forest ecosystems.

Dr. Aleixandre Verger (CREAF-CSIC) :

Dr. Aleixandre Verger (CREAF-CSIC)

Remote sensing, vegetation-climate dynamics.

Dr. Aurélie Violette (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Aurélie Violette (LSCE-UVSQ)

The geochemical model WITCH calculates mineral weathering fluxes and the corresponding chemistry of the soil solution.  The coupling of ORCHIDEE and WITCH models will enable to investigate the mineralogical P production by weathering and its feedback to the vegetation cycle.

Dr. Rong Wang (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Rong Wang (LSCE-UVSQ)

Our group (LSCE) have estimated the global budget of phosphorus (P) in the atmosphere by quantifying various sources of P with the uncertainties quantified. Using a new approach based upon the mass balance of P, the emissions of P from biomass and fossil fuel combustion were estimated, which were higher than all previous estimates due to inclusion of P emitted in all phases and particle sizes. As a result, a near closure of the P budget was achieved in the atmosphere.

Anna Escolà : Technician

Anna Escolà



Dr. Xuhui Wang (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Xuhui Wang (LSCE-UVSQ)

Modelling croplands with ORCHIDEE.

Dr. James Weedon (Antwerp University) : Former collaborator

Dr. James Weedon (Antwerp University)

Former collaborator

I will conduct research into the effects of variation in nutrient status, climate and microsite characteristics on soil microbial communities and the functions they perform.

Dr. Yi Yin (LSCE-UVSQ) :

Dr. Yi Yin (LSCE-UVSQ)

P mobility in soil to the root uptake is one of the limiting factors for plant use, alongside with P mineralization by microbes and fungi. Thus, for modeling the uptake of P by plants, the processes of P diffusion and sorption need to be considered. I will work on a simple process based 1-D root uptake sub-model in the soil water transport of ORCHIDEE and also dynamic root growth to coupe with the vertical transport.

Chao Zhang (CREAF-CSIC) :

Chao Zhang (CREAF-CSIC)

I focus on the response of ecosystem function and structure to climate change based on remote sensing technique. The objective is to assess the influence of climate change on carbon fixation at different temporal and spatial scales using photochemical reflectance index and fluorescence.

Kevin Van Sundert : PhD student

Kevin Van Sundert

PhD student

My PhD project is called ‘Elucidating the role of nutrient availability and mycorrhizae in the drought response of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling’. It includes field work at drought experiments in Austria and Germany and a meta-analysis. 

Petra Devers : Collaborator

Petra Devers


Collaborating with Guyana's field campaing.

Laurie Lefebvre : Collaborator

Laurie Lefebvre


Collaborating with Guyana's field campaing.

Stefan Van Beveren : Collaborator

Stefan Van Beveren


Collaborating with Guyana's field campaing.

Anna Mégier : Collaborator

Anna Mégier


Collaborating with Guyana's field campaing.

Noé Obersteiner : Collaborator

Noé Obersteiner


Collaborating with Guyana's field campaing.

Nele Smeyers : Master student

Nele Smeyers

Master student

Kris Meus : Master student

Kris Meus

Master student

Anaïs Hannouz : Master student

Anaïs Hannouz

Master student

Bart De Roeck : Master student

Bart De Roeck

Master student