Prof. Dr. Ivan Janssens (Antwerp University) :

Prof. Dr. Ivan Janssens (Antwerp University)


Dr. Yongshuo Fu : Research fellow

Dr. Yongshuo Fu

Research fellow

Joke Van den Berge : Research Manager

Joke Van den Berge

Research Manager

I coordinate and support the field studies and researchers in French-Guyana.

Dr. Balzarolo Manuela : Research fellow

Dr. Balzarolo Manuela

Research fellow

Expert in remote sensing, ecological modelling, ecosystem carbon and water dymanics

Marta Camino (CREAF-CSIC and Antwerp University) :

Marta Camino (CREAF-CSIC and Antwerp University)

My work focuses on improving the representation of soil C dynamics in the soil module of the land surface model ORCHIDEE. More specifically, I am implementing and validating a new representation of the leaching of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from soil into rivers and of  13C in soil.

Dr. Matteo Campioli (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Matteo Campioli (Antwerp University)

Plant growth, net primary production and ecosystem C allocation.

Dr. Elodie Courtois (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Elodie Courtois (Antwerp University)

Chemical ecology.

Steven Dauwe (Antwerp University) :

Steven Dauwe (Antwerp University)

N-addition experiment in Iceland. Interactive effects of temperature and N addition on ecosystem functioning.

Niki Leblans (Antwerp University) :

Niki Leblans (Antwerp University)

PhD student working in Iceland. My research focuses on warming impact on grassland ecosystem functioning, plant phenology response to warming and stoichiometry changes in plants along temperature gradients.

Dr. Jennifer Soong (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Jennifer Soong (Antwerp University)

Soil organic matter formation and decomposition, plant-soil-atmosphere carbon transfer, and soil C-N-P relationships.

Dr. Clément Stahl (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Clément Stahl (Antwerp University)

Responsible for the ecosystem and ecosystem ghg flux measurements at the sites.

Leandro Van Langenhove  (Antwerp University) :

Leandro Van Langenhove (Antwerp University)

N2 fixation in Guiana.

Dr. Erik Verbruggen (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Erik Verbruggen (Antwerp University)

Mycorrhizal diversity and functioning.

Lore Verryckt (Antwerp University) :

Lore Verryckt (Antwerp University)

I will measure leaf level gas exchange and simulate plot level photosynthesis to study aboveground respiration and tree carbon allocation.

Dr. Sara Vicca (Antwerp University) :

Dr. Sara Vicca (Antwerp University)

Carbon allocation research in French Guyana.

Dr. James Weedon (Antwerp University) :

Dr. James Weedon (Antwerp University)

I will conduct research into the effects of variation in nutrient status, climate and microsite characteristics on soil microbial communities and the functions they perform.

Kevin Van Sundert : PhD student

Kevin Van Sundert

PhD student

My PhD project is called ‘Elucidating the role of nutrient availability and mycorrhizae in the drought response of terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycling’. It includes field work at drought experiments in Austria and Germany and a meta-analysis.