Prof. Dr. Michael Obersteiner (IIASA) :

Prof. Dr. Michael Obersteiner (IIASA)

Michael will provide improved understanding and quantitative foresight needed to formulate a range of policy options aiming to manage risks associated with the stoichiometric imbalances. His team at IIASA will generate this knowledge through theory building, economic and integrated assessment modelling which will be integrated with the Earth system models.  Michael will also support and link to international processes to establish science-based P-diplomacy.

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle : Research Scholar

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle

Research Scholar

Sophie-Charlotte Bundle joined IIASA as a research scholar with the Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM) in November 2014. With ESM, she is working on a global model simulating agricultural production costs. In context with the imbalance P project Sophie will assess economics of C,N,P cycle and their effects to agricultural production, prices for agricultural products and changes in most economic management systems. Further to that Sophie will analyze the economics of C,N,P cycle and their effects on Fertilizer Industry (e.g. economic feasibility studies for new technologies to recover phosphor from sewage, manure etc).

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Dr. Ligia B. Azevedo (IIASA) :

Dr. Ligia B. Azevedo (IIASA)

I will further develop the EPIC model by including biogeochemical mechanisms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon of animal waste. I will also improve the representation of the phosphorus cycle in EPIC and employ the model to estimate yields under various scenarios of limited agricultural amendments.

Dr. Christian Folberth (IIASA) :

Dr. Christian Folberth (IIASA)

I contribute to the development and applications of the EPIC model to better represent P flows in agriculture and specifically grasslands. Another focus of my work is on assessing flows and stoichiometry of N and P in agricultural trade and production globally.

Dr. Oskar Franklin (IIASA) :

Dr. Oskar Franklin (IIASA)

I will synthesize and integrate empirical results for development of new theory and predictive models. In particular, I will focus on the role of plant-soil microbial interactions for phosphorus and nitrogen uptake and growth of plants and forests.

Dr. Nikolay Khabarov (IIASA) :

Dr. Nikolay Khabarov (IIASA)

I will analyze the international trade statistics in fertilizer market with a specific focus on phosphorous containing fertilizers and raw materials. The primary goal will be the exploration of exporter/importer relationship among the largest market players. Here a particular emphasis will be put on the analysis of price peaks and respective change in traded quantities. The possibility to build and calibrate an international fertilizer market model will be explored at different temporal resolutions.

Dr. Rastislav Skalsky (IIASA) :

Dr. Rastislav Skalsky (IIASA)

Rastislav Skalsky will focus on setting up data infrastructures and running EPIC model to find more on the uncertainties coming up in hand with using the global and regional scale spatial data on soil, topography and land use in large-scale P cycling estimates in agricultural sector.