2nd Imbalance-P annual meeting – Vienna, 24-26 February 2016

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On February 2016, 24-26 IMBALANCE-P group will celebrate the second annual meeting in Vienna Read more…

Annual IMBALANCE-P meeting on Februray 2016, Vienna

Vienna, Author: Wolfgang Pichler (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

We are glad to announce that the annual (2016) IMBALANCE-P meeting will be celebrated next February (24 – 26) in Vienna.

We will soon provide further information about the meeting.

Risks of biodiversity loss posed by nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in European freshwaters

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IMBALANCE-P participates on the 5th International Workshop on Higher Education

The meeting was held at the University of Vic (UVIC-UCC) over the period 9 – 12 June 2015 and the IMBALANCE-P group presented:

Bartrons M., Ciais, P., Janssens, I., Obersteiner, M., Peñuelas, J. Quantifying the responses of ecosystems and society in a world increasingly rich in N and C but limited in Phosphorus.

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IMBALANCE-P IAM ESM integration meeting

On April 2015, 9-10, IMBALANCE-P group will celebrate the meeting IIASA-LSCE on the integration of IAM and ESM in Paris.

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IMBALANCE-P article on how ocean acidification will impact marine life

A new analysis by Ligia Azevedo from IIASA and collaborators provides a holistic assessment of the impacts of climate change and ocean acidification on marine organisms including coral, shellfish, sea urchins, and other calcifying species. Please, find more detailed information here.

Welcome to the IMBALANCE-P kick-off meeting (Barcelona, January 2015)

On January 2015, 13-16 IMBALANCE-P group will celebrate the first meeting in Barcelona: Kick-off meeting. Read more…

More than 30% of phosphorus emitted to the atmosphere is a result of human activities

According to the study of the IMBALANCE-P ERC Synergy Grant researchers, China and India contributes 43% of this amount. For decades it had been thought that human activities were responsible for only around 5% of atmospherically-circulating phosphorus. Read more…

Job positions at LSCE

3 Post Doctoral and 2 Computer Scientists Positions – ERC Synergy Grant: IMBALANCE-P Read more…

Annual LabEx CEBA meeting

On October 2014, 13-14 IMBALANCE-P group participed on the CEBA third annual meeting

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